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Our mission is to help you find the perfect balance between health and beauty. In addition to providing the most advanced collagen products and services on the market, we constantly analyze the most up-to-date data, studies and findings to keep industry best standards. Our holistic approach is what drives us to innovate and experiment. We’re here to help you do what is right for your body so that you can live the healthiest and best life possible.



Pura Vida Collagen shots are functional beauty drinks to replenish the body’s collagen, for youthful skin.

Pura Vida Collagen uses a unique blend of marine collagen and very potent antioxidants, both components are key to increase collagen in the body and prevent further breakdown. Another important factor to plump, youthful looking skin is hydration. Pura Vida Collagen provides extra hyaluronic acid for improved skin moisture.

Pura Vida Collagen shots are packed with 5,000mg of marine collagen in each serving, a dose that would require a consumption of up to 10 capsules daily.

One of the key issues of collagen has always been it’s bioavailability, creams applied to the skin will have a challenge penetrating the skin due to their molecular size. In contrast, Pura Vida Collagen shots use marine collagen which consist of smaller peptides and allow for enhanced bioavailability.

Pura Vida Collagen shots are ideally consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pura Vida Collagen shots do not contain enough calories to break your fast, nor do they have insulin spiking properties.

Pura Vida Collagen shots contain less than 1g sugar which would make them an ideal part of a Keto regimen.

Most collagen powders are designed to help supplement collagen without adding any antioxidants. There are many internal and external stressors that contribute to the build up of free radicals, which are the main contributor to the assault against the skin. Even though our body is designed to fight off free radicals with antioxidants it produces on it own, but over time the production diminishes and free radicals are cleared to take the life out of our skin.

Pura Vida Collagen shots are formulated with a rich antioxidant profile including Goji Berry, Red Clover, Beta Carotene, and Jasmin Tea just to name a few.

Yes, Pura Vida Collagen shots are 100% diabetic friendly & an essential part of any diabetic’s daily routine. As a diabetic the chances of inflammation-related issues, caused by high blood sugar are more likely to occur, which may lead to skin & joint related problems.

No, Running discounts only apply to single items and cannot be added to our VIP subscription membership program.

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The primary objective of the 6-day trial is to get the product in your hands so you can see, hold and taste the product. Some users experience an improvement in their skin, but in most cases noticeable changes are after 2-3 weeks of continued use.

Unfortunately, we only allow 1 set of free trials per household. Our system will automatically cancel duplicate orders.

In order to preserve the potency of the product, we used thick, glass amber bottles for our collagen shots. We charge a small shipping fee of $3.95, which is a small fraction of the actual shipping cost.

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Pura Vida collagen shots are safe to use; however always consult with your primary health care provider before starting any new supplementation, to prevent any interference with your medication.

Collagen can be very helpful during pregnancy and postpartum. However, it’s crucial to consult with your primary health care provider before starting any new supplementation during pregnancy.

First, not all collagen products are created equally; it’s important to distinguish between the different types and source or origin. second, there are more factors that play a role in rejuvenating the skin, e.g. avoid inflammatory foods and change other lifestyle related habits that might effect your skin health.

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The powder version is straight bovine collagen + hylauronic acid and does not include any antioxidant. The collagen shots are derived highly concentrated marine collagen + hyaluronic acid as well as antioxidants. Both products can be used in conjunction for maximum results.



From the impact of gut health on our skin to the common vitamins for healthy hair and nails we have built Pura Vida Naturals to bridge the gap between beauty and health. Pura Vida strives in bringing the highest quality products and services to you.


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