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Top 6 Collagen Powder Benefits and Uses

Collagen has been taking the health community by storm, and for good reason. Many popular brands are adding it to skin creams and shampoos because it’s so beneficial to your body and it’s been shown that collagen depletion is linked to several health issues.

If you’d like to hear more about what collagen is and why you should be adding it to your daily health regimen, continue reading.

This article will give you some insight into how it functions within your body and what types of collagen powder to look for. 

What is collagen?

One of the most important macronutrients within your body is protein. When it’s broken down, it is a major component in fueling your body and building muscle.

The most abundant protein in your body is collagen and it assists with the formation of different parts of your body, including your skin, your bones, and your connective tissue.

Although there are around 16 types of collagen that exist, there are four main types that play important roles throughout your body:

Type 1: This type is made up of dense fibers and accounts for 90% of the collagen found in your body. Because of its stiffness, it plays an important role in creating structure of your skin, tendons, bones, teeth, and connective tissue. It is also popular because it is said to have anti-aging properties and minimizes wrinkles.

Type 2: This type of collagen is less dense and is commonly found in your cartilage. It’s known to promote joint health and help ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

Type 3: This collagen’s role in your body is to provide structure to your muscles, organs and arteries. This is the most prevalent type of collagen after type 1 and most commonly found in your intestines.

Also, this collagen is said to be important in the process of blood clotting and the formation of blood platelets. It’s also important for the strength of your blood vessels and deficiency of this collagen is believed to lead to potential aneurysms.

Type 4: This collagen is commonly found in your skin, helping it to filter and act as a building block for skin layers. It helps forms the basal lamina layer of skin, which is a deep layer where your skin meets your organs, muscles, or fat cells.

It is different from other types of collagen because it lacks glycine, an amino acid that is usually found in the other varieties of collagen.

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Why do you need to take collagen supplements?

As previously stated, collagen is already a protein that is found within your body. It’s in your skin, bones, and organs. However, as you age, your body starts to break it down much faster than you can replenish it. This is the reason why your body starts to wrinkle and sag over time.

Not only does your collagen supply diminish with age, but foods that you eat and your environment could also destroy your collagen supply. Some things that destroy collagen include:

  1. Sugar and carbs – Consuming too much sugar could inhibit your body’s collagen production.

  2. Too much sunlight – The ultraviolet radiation from the sun could be affecting your collagen production. It’s important to avoid tanning and sun exposure as much as possible to protect your skin’s collagen.

  3. Smoking – Heavy smoking can diminish your collagen levels. Eventually, it could lead to more wrinkles and impair your body’s ability to heal wounds.

These behaviors impair your collagen production. In order to regain balance, you will need to start consuming collagen. 

What are some sources of collagen?

Your body isn’t the only source of collagen. It can also be found in the connective tissue of animals, such as skin and bones. However, there’s not much evidence showing that eating foods containing collagen will increase the collagen levels in your body. This is why it is beneficial ot take collagen supplements.

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What is Collagen Powder?

 Because scientists are unable to prove that collagen-rich foods will restore your collagen supply, you should be taking collagen powder instead.

By consuming a powdered form, you can guarantee that the proteins have been broken down or hydrolyzed, making them easier to digest.


Is your powdered collagen hydrolyzed? 

 If you are looking for collagen, you may have seen something on the label stating that it is “hydrolyzed.” If you are planning to use collagen to improve your health, you should definitely look for this descriptor. This means that the manufacturers have used cold enzymes to process the protein.

Hydrolyzing is done to make your collagen easier to digest after consumption. This is important for a supplement because you want it to be as effective as possible. After using your powder, your body will be using the amino acids within the collagen to rebuild your own collagen in the body, replenishing what’s been depleted. 

Types of collagen powder

When searching for collagen, it’s important to be aware that there are several types of collagen available on the market. The two types of collagen that you will see will be bovine and marine collagen. Here are the differences between the two:

Marine Collagen Powder

Marine collagen is exactly what it sounds like – collagen that is sourced from marine animals. It is produced from pieces of fish that are usually discarded, such as the skin and scales.

Marine collagen provides amino acids that used to build strong connective tissue and will primarily contain type 1 collagen. This makes this type of powder easy to digest because its molecules will be smaller than other types of collagen available.

This type of collagen is extremely benefical for those who are trying to improve skin and body tissue. It’s also great for people who are interested in building an anti-aging regimen.


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Bovine Collagen Powder

 Unlike marine collagen, bovine is sourced from beef. After cattle is harvested for its meat, the skin is used to extract the protein into small, easily digestable amino acids. The collagen protein can either come from conventional or grass-fed cattle – the collagen will likely have this labeled on the packaging.

 Bovine collagen is usually made up of types 1 and 3 collagen. Therefore, this powder is a great choice for those who are looking to repair their joints and bones. This is due to its abundance in the amino acids glycine and proline. 

Health benefits of taking Collagen Powder

 As previously stated, taking collagen is extremely beneficial to your body because it is filled with the amino acids that your body needs. Some of the benefits of collagen include: 

  1. Collagen improves your skin, hair and nails – Collagen plays an important role in skin rejuvenation. As you get older, your naturally produced collagen starts to deplenish. By adding powdered collagen to your daily regimen, you may start noticing a decrease in wrinkles and sagging skin. Collagen can also improve your skin’s texture and help it to stay hydrated and firm.

  1. Collagen can help stabilize your blood sugar – Glycine is one of the many amino acids found in collagen. A previous study has shown that people who have type 2 diabetes were usually low in this amino acid but by consuming it daily, it has the potential to balance their blood sugar levels.

  1. Collagen helps to reduce joint pain – After a while, our joints can start to suffer from wear and tear. As you get older or if you are an athelete, you may begin to notice joint pain as you move around. If you can relate, you should consider adding more collagen to your diet. Studies have shown that collagen helps with mobility by allowing your joints to glide easily and prevent cartilage deterioration.

  1. Collagen can improve the health of your gut – If you suffer from leaky gut, you should considering taking collagen to reduce your symptoms. It helps your body to repair the holes in the lining of your gut. This is because it contains the amino acid glutamine, an amino acid that helps stimulate your cells to growth and repair your intestines.

Also, collagen contains glycine and proline. Glycine helps aid in digestion by stimulating the creation of stomach acids and helps you to absorb nutrients. Proline will increase your metabolism and help prevent inflammation in your digestive tract.

  1. Collagen has antibacterial effects – Studies have shown that marine collagen has the ability to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Because it has antimicrobial properties, it could help prevent infection and diseases.

  1. Collagen could prevent bone loss – Because your bones are mostly made of collagen, taking it as a supplement could help prevent deterioration.

Bone loss happens naturally due to age, making you succeptible to fractures. However, studies have shown that by taking collagen supplements, you could prevent osteoporosis.

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Bottom Line

Taking collagen can be extremely benefical to your health. While there are many companies on the market promoting collagen for cosmetic purposes, taking powder to restore your collagen levels can also improve your bone health, joints, and gut.

When searching for collagen, you can choose between marine and bovine collagen. While both are beneficial, marine collagen is usually sold to promote skin and hair growth. Regardless of the type of collagen that you choose, be sure that it is hydrolyzed because it is easier for your body to digest.

When searching for collagen, you can choose between marine and bovine collagen. While both are beneficial, marine collagen is usually sold to promote skin and hair growth. Regardless of the type of collagen that you choose, be sure that it is hydrolyzed because it is easier for your body to digest.