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How Anxiety Can Impact Collagen Loss

Collagen is the primary protein found in the human body. Your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones are all rich in collagen proteins. As you age, your body starts to slow down the production of collagen. This leads to thinning skin that is fragile, that dries easily, and that wrinkles and loses its shape and elasticity. 

The reason why collagen production slows down is due to genetics. Your body starts to express genes differently as you age after the cells split and senile cells begin to accumulate. Poor health and the absence of key hormonal signaling can cause collagen production to slow down. This shows up in the most noticeable manner as baggy skin and wrinkling. 

Research demonstrates that even anxiety can contribute to collagen loss. Because anxiousness is associated with stress or the root cause, it is normal for your stress hormones to be markedly elevated when you are feeling anxious. 

How is Collagen Loss Treated?

The latest treatment for the loss of collagen comes in the form of hydrolyzed supplements. These supplements contain a form of collagen that is hydrolyzed for easier absorption and usage by the body. The collagen is hydrolyzed by breaking it down with water into a virtual predigested protein compound. Let’s discuss the chief benefits of how these supplements can improve your health in greater detail below.

anxiety and collagen

Collagen for Improved Skin Health

It is an accessible dream for many actors and models to look young forever. They can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries that help them to regain their former glory. However, when you take a closer look at many of these procedures, they are actually creating the appearance of optimal health in the absence of it. 

Facelift procedures are no longer as simple as tightening and trimming the skin. Nowadays, a facelift procedure requires the surgeon to implant silicone material or build up muscle structures to restore that youthful firmness of a face that is rich in collagen. This Hollywood illusion is a poor substitute for maintaining optimal health and taking collagen supplements to compensate for the reduced internal production.

Breasts and labia also begin to sag and droop into uncomfortable positions for the same reasons. The lack of those uniform and strict collagen structures to bind and strengthen the skin and underlying structures makes the effects of aging apparent. For most, the first signs of poor aging are wrinkles. 

Girls that are as young as 16 can have deep crow’s feet wrinkles around their eyes due to bad lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking, that accelerate the effects of aging and draw out the worst qualities of a genetic predisposition.

Although the collagen is not used to replace the voluminous amounts of the material that your body requires, the supplements do help to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and fibrillin, which all play a vital role in skin health and youthful firmness. The most noticeable effect of high collagen levels is hydration of the skin. 

You will notice how badly soap dries your face out as you age. In fact, they recommend that men don’t even wash their faces at all because it will remove too many of the oils that are necessary to keep it hydrated and conditioned in the absence of collagen. Women suffer the effects of skin aging even worse because of the higher estrogen levels. 

The testosterone of men seems to help the skin and muscles to retain better strength and firmness. It may help to stimulate collagen production in the absence of other hormones and signals. You will notice that women who take birth control pills that contain forms of estrogen are especially prone to skin problems and can look old.

anxiety and collagen

Collagen for Joint Pain Relief

Because collagen plays a critical role in joint health, the lack thereof can take a serious toll. This is especially true if you play sports or have arthritis. The deterioration of joint cartilage is sped up by the lack of collagen production. Although Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements can help, these compounds can only do so much.

The theory is that collagen supplements can build up in the cartilage and improve joint function and reduce pain and inflammation. They can even stimulate collagen production. When you consider the crippling pain of osteoarthritis and other joint disorders, it is important to start reducing the risks of developing it early on in life by stimulating collagen growth. 

Athletes are already using Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements to hedge against the toll of wear and tear after hard workouts. Our bodies were not designed to take such a heavy impact. And because the synovial fluid needs to be replenished to ensure joint mobility, collagen production can play a key role in helping athletes of all ages to internally create these compounds.

Collagen for Reduction of Bone Loss

Most people don’t realize that bones are not just made out of calcium. Although taking calcium supplements is helpful, the fibers of the bones contain a lot of collagen. This is why you can get a very rich collagen supply from a bone broth. When you take collagen supplements, this can reduce the effects of bone loss and lower your risk for osteoporosis and other bone deterioration diseases.

Collagen for Improved Muscle Mass

Collagen is a protein. And everyone knows that proteins are the building blocks of muscle growth. It is estimated that collagen makes up anywhere from one to ten percent of the muscle tissue. If you want to improve your muscle mass and retain a strong and attractive physique and facial features well into your old age, it is vital to ensure that your collagen levels are high. 

anxiety and collagen

Collagen for Improved Cardiovascular Health

Like the other cells in your body, your arteries and heart need good collagen production to remain strong and healthy. Atherosclerosis is a disease that causes narrowing of the arteries. This is partly due to collagen loss and gravely increases the chances for a heart attack or stroke. Collagen production may even help to increase healthy levels of good HDL cholesterol. 

Collagen for Numerous Benefits

Although the loss of collagen may be precipitated by anxiety, stress, and other poor health habits, taking collagen supplements can increase your overall health and diminish your ailments. In addition, collagen is known to improve hair, nails, gut health, neurological function, and metabolic rate. 

Your hair and nails are one of the few cellular structures that will continue to grow even after you die. This shows how deeply connected collagen production is to cell growth. For, the stimulation of growth continues on without any other life-force function.

anxiety and collagen

What Other Supplements Help Collagen Production?

In addition to taking hydrolyzed collagen supplements, you can also take MSM and sulfur supplements because they play a critical role in the body’s natural development of collagen. When you combine all of these supplements, it is bound to benefit your body in the cellular formation of collagen levels. Having the raw materials and the finished product to stimulate production is one of the best methods for improving your collagen levels.

How Else Can I Improve Collagen Levels?

You can improve collagen levels by living an overall healthy lifestyle. By eating healthy and natural foods, you can provide your body with the raw nutrients that it needs to properly split during mitosis. It is the flaws in the mitosis process that create most of the aging. The cells have a limited number of times that they can split before the telomeres get too short and halt production.

The telomeres are this extra coding material at the end of the DNA structures. It is there to protect the DNA like soft packaging. If these telomeres get too short and the cell stops dividing, it will stop rejuvenating itself. If you live a healthy lifestyle, your cells will increase the length of the telomeres and hold onto cells longer before the need for replacement is required. This will also reduce the risks of cancer that come when cells get old and begin to malfunction.

And while diet and drinking enough water are critical to prevent the onset of aging, you cannot neglect exercise. Exercise is needed to trigger hormonal reactions in your body, get the blood flowing to your organs, build muscle and tissue, and for signaling the need for collagen production. 

Weight training has a reactionary effect on collagen production because lifting weights creates microtears in the muscles that need to be repaired. And for the same reasons that you build up stamina and endurance to run a race by practicing constantly, your body will be more efficient at producing collagen if you require it to do so and provide the raw materials to do so.

Collagen is vital for the body to retain its healthy cellular structures. If you want a biological age that remains perpetually in your prime, you have to pay careful attention to collagen and all the factors that influence it.